Alber Trennwerkzeuge GmbH

PRECISION SINCE 1912 characterises the company Alber like no other. Established in Ebersbach/ Fils between Stuttgart and Ulm, it is located in a highly industrialised region of Germany.

The foundation in 1912 laid the cornerstone for a tradition which has continued until today: 100 years of experience in the highest quality, consistency and manageability!
Being a family-owned company in the 4th generation, the name Alber stands for reliability and family tradition.

Possessing ultra-modern machinery, well-trained employees and a lot of experience in producing band saw blades, we are a reliable partner for trade and industry and consequently belong to the most capable producers in Europe.

Our customers from the wood, metal, foam, insulating material and food industries have made us the prime address for rotating cutting tools for a long time.

Extensive research and development programmes in close cooperation with specialised steel manufacturers and universities result in exceptional longevity of our saw blades with unique material properties. For example, the THERMEX procedure for band resaw and log band saw blades which is being used at an increasing number of customers today was introduced in 2001.